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Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Re: Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Postby MisterMorden » 30.05.2012, 02:29

Agreed I did it differently and people looked at it.
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Executive Producer
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Re: Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Postby Radcliff » 06.06.2012, 02:03

I will also add that what works for you may not work for others. It's at least as much about capturing the reader's interest as it is about organization skills, if not more so.

However, I will readily admit that this template is a great starting point.
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Re: Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Postby Rage5110 » 08.06.2012, 05:06

Thank You, You helped me alot ^^

Now My Recruitment Post Look More Professional Thanks To You ^^
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Assassins & Templars : The Black Crusade (Animator/Rigger).

Postby Dark12345 » 13.11.2012, 19:16


About Us:
We are three 3rd year computer games students studying at Portsmouth University , UK.
Our 2 modellers are from Lithuania and live together , one a hard surface modeller and the other a character modeller. I am the games designer , project manager and level designer. I have experience with cryengine for over 4 years and work closely with programmers and modellers. Our C++ Programmer has expeience off over 20 years in programming and has released various games on the android market , one being called Sinister Planet. He lives with me so working closely is not a problem.
This is our first project together and we plan to bring to the market a new fun game that focuses on team work and stealth in order to win the game.

About the Project:
Assassins & Templars is a multiplayer only game. It will be free to play and have a aesthetic cash shop. Things like new skins for characters , weapons and XP boosts.
The two teams will battle out in various different game modes and often have a defend/attack theme. The assassins will require stealthy tactical maneuvers in order to take out the opposing side.
Each team will have 3 different classes which will require different playstyles in order to master.
The game will be first person perspective from both factions and have various unique modifiers to each team. One example is the climbing system for the Assassins.
Each faction will have 3 classes. Each of these classes have abilities.

Heres an example of one class:
The Sharpshooter
Sharpshooters use a bow to damage and paralyze enemies.
Left Mouse Buttom - Shoot bow (Cooldown 5s)
Stuns the foe for 1 second. Only damages barbarian , 20 damage.
Use RMB to aim.
Fire arrow(Cooldown 60s)
A radius of 2x2 is set on fire. This does 15 damage a second and lasts 2 seconds.
Grapple hook(Cooldown 75sec)
Using the bow , the player can grapple from A to B. Other Assassins can use this.
Cripple Arrow (Cooldown 45s)
The player fires a crippling arrow. This slows the enemies speed by 25% for 6 seconds. Damages Barbarian by 20 damage.

[Special ability]Night Vision(Cooldown 140s)
The sharpshooters keen vision allows him to see well in the dark.

Current Project Progress:


One Class is almost complete(The Acrobat). Need an animator and rigger to fully complete it.
Modelling on Templars will begin soon.
Ingame HUD/Class system fully working.
map 1 60% complete
map 2 20% complete

• 1x Animator/Rigger.
Experienced with CryEngine3 SDK.
Able to commit time into this project.
Must know how to do First person animations/rigging & third person and be able to import them.

Contact information:


Skype: Jbakerr09
Steam Name: Radeon08

Thank you .
User avatar Benji730_
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Just getting started
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Re: Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Postby Benji730_ » 15.02.2013, 10:43

very good now it looks much nicer!
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User avatar Mistawicket
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Just getting started
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Re: Proper Recruitment Post Layout

Postby Mistawicket » 25.10.2016, 22:31

I just saw this, after recently posting my introduction post. I appreciate it and will the above as a guide to try recruiting a team. I'd like to ask how detailed you should go in describing the game in progress, as that could go on for a while depending on the scope.