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Recruitment Forum Rules

Looking for a developer to join your team, or want a place to advertise your skills? Look no further!


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Has seen it all
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Recruitment Forum Rules

Postby Ruan » 14.06.2012, 23:03

Hi guys,

We've seen some pretty awesome projects being showcased in this forum and we want to promote real quality projects in this section to ensure that they get the attention and interest they deserve; unfortunately, we are seeing a lot of 'ideas' threads for projects that people would like to make but may not necessarily finish. If you want to discuss your game ideas before recruiting, this would be better suited to the General Discussion forum if you have nothing yet to show.

With that in mind, we're just making a few small changes to the criteria for recruitment threads here in this forum.

  • Please make sure that you fully describe what it is you're recruiting for. Ideally, you should demonstrate the progress that you've already made on your own. Not got anything to show? Consider holding off on your recruitment till you do, as people will view your thread more seriously.

  • Be absolutely clear about who you're looking for. Simply saying that you're seeking an artist won't do; are you after an environmental artist, a character artist, or a lighting artist? Programmer roles in particular should be clear in what areas the candidate will be working in, and which languages the position will require.

  • Remain civil towards your fellow CryDev members' threads at all times. If you feel a thread isn't up to scratch, please let the moderation team know.

To make sure that this section matches the best talent with the coolest projects, recruitment threads that don't meet these criteria may be removed by the moderation team. If so, you'll receive a PM indicating why the thread wasn't suitable and some tips to improve it :)

Happy dev'ing!
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