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Problem with Clan logo and disabling cloak and nanovision

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Just getting started
Just getting started
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Problem with Clan logo and disabling cloak and nanovision

Postby AeQuuS.Ozykz » 10.08.2011, 20:56


I was working on a map, and wanted to add my clan logo.
i know there are multiple ways to add a picture into a map.
the only way i know of is misc/referencePicture
it works fine in the editor, but once i load the map ingame its not there.. just a grey sphere.

Any help on that would be AWESOME!!!

another thing i wanted help on for that map is:

how to disabled cloak and nanovision like on the shipment map?(my map is multiplayer and i don't want noobs using that)
i have totaly no idea how to do this, and i would love any help.

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