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Loops in Flowgraph?

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User avatar B4ze
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Loops in Flowgraph?

Postby B4ze » 10.02.2012, 13:18

I'd appreciate some links to a tutorial on how to set up loops in flowgraph (for every X in y, while loops, that kind of stuff) or maybe even some examples from you.

What im trying to do:

I want to spwn a mob A, have it circle around, and, if two other mobs,B & C, died, have it attack the player.
I'd do this by having A go one round, check if the other two are still alive, if yes-> go another round, if no, attack player.

thx for any help!
User avatar half0
Intern Dev
Intern Dev
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Re: Loops in Flowgraph?

Postby half0 » 10.02.2012, 13:52

Not really a loop. Use logic gates for that.

You were pretty close to setting it up with you question. I don't have the engine open in front of me but you would look in the Logic section. The try the Gate node. Or the AND node. Lots of ways to do that, Just gotta find the way that works best with you level.
User avatar AndOrXor
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Intern Dev
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Re: Loops in Flowgraph?

Postby AndOrXor » 10.02.2012, 14:47

I hope this will help, at least for pointing to some of your solution

I think this doesnt need too much explanation. This graph runs on graph entity (Grunt1) and monitors status of other 2 entities which can have their own FG and do another things. Counter where you compare how many deaths was sended is commented. Enjoy :)