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2.5D Side-Scrolling View?

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User avatar Aubrielle
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Just getting started
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2.5D Side-Scrolling View?

Postby Aubrielle » 15.01.2017, 19:52

(double-posted from the answers section...I hope that's alright)

Hey everyone :)

How do you go about setting up a side-scrolling 2.5d camera? I wanted to learn how to set this up before I start designing my levels (obviously), but I can't find a tutorial on this that isn't hopelessly out of date - i.e. CryEngine 3.x or something. I've pulled a camera into the level, adjusted it to the view I want, and attached it to a tag point and my spawn point, which are in the same place. I attached "selected entity" (camera + tag point + spawn point) in trackview, and downloaded a flowgraph from the CryEngine wiki (tracking camera.xml), assigning each node as instructed to camera, spawn point, tag point, but when I go into the game itself, it still spawns the player in the default first-person view. I know what I'm trying to do is a little complicated but I feel like this is an important first step, right?
I've also tried doing the flowgraph this way...
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Just getting started
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Re: 2.5D Side-Scrolling View?

Postby misael_skt » 25.04.2017, 07:03