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Site Rules

If you're looking for help with Scaleform, HUD development, UI Emulator/Actions, this is the place!


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Site Rules

Postby Cry-Angela » 12.10.2015, 12:19

Welcome to the official CRYENGINE Community!

In order to keep this site safe and fun for everyone please read and adhere to the following rules at all times when using this site.

Creating Content

Do not use usernames, signatures or avatars that:
Do not write private messages and/or e-mails that:
Do not create threads or contributions that:

• Include spam or advertisements.
• Are racist or hateful.
• Are hostile, vulgar, excessively violent or contains excessive language.
• Are illegal.
• Are sexually orientated.
• Hijack or maliciously affect users' computers.
• Are off-topic or attempt to de-rail the thread.
• Are insulting, inflammatory or seek to provoke a negative reaction.


General Rules

• Users are allowed one account. Multiple accounts will be banned.
• Do not post duplicate threads/posts on the same topic. Spamming the forum is not allowed.
• Do not impersonate CRYENGINE/Crytek staff. This includes the use of admin avatars and/or names.
• Private messages are private so do not publicly post content from PMs.
• Signatures must not contain images/text that are greater than 500px * 120px in total.
• Threads containing "ripped" intellectual property are not allowed. If you didn't make it, say where you got it.
• If you post content that is not yours, please say it's not yours and credit the original author. This goes for any content including 'placeholder' or 'concept' content.
• Only CRYENGINE content is allowed to be posted on this site, with the exception of the General Discussion forum, this also includes the Gallery.
• It is recommended that you write in English for best chance of support. We do not support alternate languages officially and that may result in no replies in your thread.

Also: Do NOT post personal information or contact information aka address, real name or credit card info publicly on the forums! Be wary who to exchange such information with even in PMs. Same goes for your email address and of course passwords. Stay safe!


Discussion Topics

Below is a list of "Grey Area" topics that aren't allowed on '':
• Religion
• Abortion
• Suicide/Murder
• Sexuality
• War/Horrific Acts
• Politics/Race
• Warez/Cracked Software
• Copyrighted material

These rules will be enforced at staff discretion and are subject to change.

Thank you for your participation and adherence to these rules.