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how to get the "GFxVideo license" ?

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how to get the "GFxVideo license" ?

Postby manuk » 10.08.2016, 18:06

in doc:

(...) Playing videos via Scaleform requires the GFxVideo license. (...)

Ok, but how and where to get this license ?

I look around on autodesk site or google, but i dont found anything...
anyone know how to suscribe this license or how to get the GFxVideo SDK ?

ty ♫
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Re: how to get the "GFxVideo license" ?

Postby Lavizh » 10.08.2016, 23:07

Contact Crytek. They should be able to help you out there.
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User avatar cylord
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Just getting started
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Re: how to get the "GFxVideo license" ?

Postby cylord » 16.08.2016, 17:44

And please : come back here to tell us if you've succeeded to export a video in the cryengine ...