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Graphical user interface

If you're looking for help with Scaleform, HUD development, UI Emulator/Actions, this is the place!


User avatar Joduwei
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Graphical user interface

Postby Joduwei » 07.12.2016, 22:20

Hi i want to start my first projectm but i need to know how to make a user interface.
What i need:
  • The possibility of slidable windows
  • Labels
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdowns
  • Lists and Tables
  • Buttons
Any hints where I get this?

Is it already built-in, or do I need a library? I would prefer to use Qt, but I think that is not so simple.

And my last question :

How can I permanently display a mouse pointer?
User avatar Lavizh
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Lead Moderator
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Re: Graphical user interface

Postby Lavizh » 07.12.2016, 22:59

Use the CLIK components for Scaleform in Flash. They are located (with example files) in the Tools / Scaleform directory. Takes a while to understand them though. For mouse check the mouse node in flowgraph. Can change mouse texture with a cvar. Dont remember the actual name but query search for mouse and texture.

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