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Crysis Wars 1.5 Source Code Released!

News regarding Crysis 1 projects


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Crysis Wars 1.5 Source Code Released!

Postby TomEbsworth » 11.05.2009, 21:00

The source code for Crysis Wars version 1.5 has now been released. All download links can be found at the bottom of this page as well as the Mod SDK FAQ, as always you should take the time to read through this as it will answer the majority of your questions.

Remember to check out CryMod for providing feedback or requesting support with any aspect of the Mod SDK.

Crysis Wars Mod SDK F.A.Q.

Why is the SDK only for Crysis Wars?
We did this in order to keep the modding community focused on one title, as well as to allow for both singleplayer and multiplayer mods for this engine version. Adding singleplayer support to Wars is far more convenient than adding multiplayer support for Warhead. This also means that the community won't constantly be developing levels and mods for two titles, which is bound to cause confusion in many aspects of development.

Will maps or mods compiled in Crysis Wars be compatible with Crysis (and vice versa)?
By default yes, however there are a few aspects of the project that you must change before it will be playable on both titles. Any code in your mod must be recompiled for both titles using their respective SDK's and released separately. Also, if you using any models in your mod that are specific to Crysis or Crysis Wars, make sure they are included so that the users of the other game will be able to use them. Our suggestion would be to develop on the platform you plan to release on to keep it as simple as possible. This support is strictly for current projects/maps that would like to release on both Crysis Wars and Crysis.

Will the Crysis Wars SDK and Editor function with Crysis?
Theoretically yes. However we thoroughly recommend you use the game's respective editors for the levels as unforeseen consequences may occur through the use of the wrong editor that could cause many different issues with your mod or map. We will not be able to support projects that are using the updated version of the editor with Crysis.

Will the Crysis Wars SDK and Editor function with Crysis Warhead?
No these are not compatible, as the Crysis Warhead code base is different to that of Wars and consequently neither the editor nor SDK will function with this version.

Is it possible to have the editor and SDK installed for Crysis and the new SDK and editor for Crysis Wars at the same time?
Yes it is; both SDKs and Editors were built for different games and run off separate installations, so both SDKs and Editors will run as expected separately from one another.

Due to the re-enabled AI in Wars, is AI and co-op in multiplayer now possible?
AI in Wars doesn't mean that we've added AI to the multiplayer game; we have simply enabled it in the engine so that when Wars is played in singleplayer the AI will function as normal. This means that although AI will be available to use in Wars, multiplayer support for it is not included.

Is there an auto-downloader for mods included in Patch 4 for Crysis Wars?
No there isn't, however custom levels can still be downloaded with the auto-downloader.

Will we be able to download the Warhead .cry files?
Unfortunately we cannot provide these there is, however, we have a good reason for this. If users without Crysis Warhead were to obtain the .cry files, they'd be able to play the Warhead levels inside Crysis and Sandbox2 (of course with limited assets). This is to some extent piracy, so unfortunately we will not be providing editable versions of the levels for Warhead.

Will Crysis Wars have the singleplayer menu options?
The singleplayer menu has not been added to Crysis Wars as we want to avoid the confusion of it being branded a singleplayer title. As in Crysis, to play singleplayer maps on their own you must use the relevant map console command to load them in-game.

Download Source Code v1.1 Now (22 megs)

Download Latest Mod SDK Pack Now (35 megs)

Download Source Code v1.1 (StrategyInformer)

Download Source Code v1.1 (Crysis-Online)

Related Links
Support and Feedback: CryMod

- MyCrysis Team
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Postby S_L_A_V_A » 11.05.2009, 21:01

User avatar Justice
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Executive Producer
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Postby Justice » 11.05.2009, 21:02

If I had any idea what I could use this for, I would probably be ecstatic :P
User avatar Andrew.
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Executive Producer
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Postby Andrew. » 11.05.2009, 21:04

Woo! :P
User avatar D_wolf
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Postby D_wolf » 11.05.2009, 21:09

I still don't get it.. what is source code for?
User avatar f00l
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Postby f00l » 11.05.2009, 21:10

Originally posted by D_wolf
I still don't get it.. what is source code for?

it creates the stuff that runs the game :rolleyes:

edit: .dll files and all that ... *stuff*
edit2: w/ this released, we can implement some more cool stuff into the game that might not be possible w/ flowgraphing for example
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It's a bush ... :unsure:
User avatar Vert-X
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Postby Vert-X » 11.05.2009, 21:15

Thank you guys! :)
User avatar murdocr
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Junior Dev
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Postby murdocr » 11.05.2009, 21:37

so is this for the hit indicator and health bars etc? What's actually been updated in the code?
User avatar Freddy83
Just getting started
Just getting started
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Postby Freddy83 » 11.05.2009, 21:41

great, perfect! if have soo waiten for this.
Work can start^^
Current mod: Hunter or Hunted :easter:
User avatar Vert-X
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Postby Vert-X » 11.05.2009, 21:44

Oh, would you guys be so kind and also release the SPMOD Source code?
Or would you include it in the next release of the SPMOD which hopefully comes with the next version of the SDK which hopefully comes with the next patch which hopefully comes soon?
User avatar Dxslayer
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Executive Producer
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Postby Dxslayer » 11.05.2009, 22:19

So where's the changelog ?(

I want to know what you improved with the coding :)
I'll get back to modding once Crysis 2 is out
'till then stay well my peeps

User avatar Ash712
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Postby Ash712 » 12.05.2009, 01:41

My only "Beef" with the "Wars" editor is the whole loss of Crysis SP functions that I came to depend and rely on. Such as shadows cast by flashlights, leaning, and other random features I was making use of.

I'm hoping Crytek re-added these features to the SP code......guess I'll find out.
User avatar Jack Hammersmith
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Intern Dev
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Postby Jack Hammersmith » 12.05.2009, 02:46

Thanks for the update.
I've converted our code to this version already.
Did you remove the F3 noclip mode or did I miss something?
My player gets totally stuck when I try to use it.
User avatar VinoBob
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Postby VinoBob » 12.05.2009, 11:42

Wooow! For what purpose did crytek decided to release the wars source code? I know that it is a treasure for the modder community, but after all these kind a stuff are used to be kept in secret arent they?
"I gots to talk. I gotta tell what I feel."
User avatar Black Rainbow
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Has seen it all
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Postby Black Rainbow » 12.05.2009, 12:43

Originally posted by Justice
If I had any idea what I could use this for, I would probably be ecstatic :P

+1, I'll probably never use it in my entire life, but thanks nonetheless.

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