Audio Tools

Audio Controls Editor (ACE)

More efficient than ever

The CRYENGINE Sandbox Editor now includes the Audio Controls Editor (ACE). This powerful tool allows for fast, flexible, drag and drop style creation and connection of: Events, Switches, States, and RTPCs, as well as granular management of pre-loading Soundbanks.

Changes to the ACE are updated in real time with audio instantly playing and no application restart required. The Audio Controls Editor (ACE) has a fully-featured search and filtering component, making it fast and simple to find, view or edit even vast amounts of audio events.

You can learn how to use ACE with our Audio Controls Editor Documentation.


Audio Tools

Audio Translation Layer (ATL)

Unprecedented freedom to chose your middleware

With the recent release of the Audio Translation Layer (ATL), CRYENGINE agnostically communicates with whichever audio middleware you prefer, such as CRI, FMOD or Wwise.

In addition, CRYENGINE includes a Simple DirectMedia Layer Mixer implementation that has the minimum functionality required for quick audio prototyping. If you prefer to implement your own audio middleware it’s a strong foundation to build on.

You can learn more on how to use the ATL with our Audio Translation Layer Documentation.



With the turnkey physics solution developers have complex scenes played out in real-time.

Ranging from rigid entities to deformables and destruction CRYENGINE packs a complete physics solution out of the box to bring your world and gameplay to life. Tackling the connection between the player and the world with rag-doll and alembic support for complex simulations you are bound to find the answer in one of the various physics implementations CRYENGINE provides.

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