Character Technology

Determine every wrinkle of the skin and every hair on the head of your characters – whether they're human or something else entirely

CRYENGINE unites the most scalable, technically advanced animation and rendering systems to deliver astonishingly realistic characters for games in real-time. Creating believable, lifelike characters requires special effects and advanced shading features including:

·  Screen-space sub-surface scattering for all supported platforms

·  Lifelike iris parallax mapping for a truly realistic eye representation

·  New unified shaders for character shadows and hair


Procedural Motion-Warping & High-End IK Solutions

Make life easier for your animators with procedural solutions

Procedural algorithms such as CC D-IK, analytic IK, example-based IK, or physical simulations, are used to augment pre-authored animations to avoid the typical computer-generated look. CRYENGINE’s scalable warping technique preserves the style and the content of the base motion, while fully taking into account constraints imposed by a highly interactive environment.



Parametric Skeletal Animation

Breathe new level of life into your game with characters whose movements redefine realism

By blending various default motions based on user-defined parameters, CRYENGINE delivers responsive, interactive and detailed control over skeletal animations. Characters in CRYENGINE navigate the environment and react on the fly to changes in motion, direction or speed by blending between animations to create a realistic representation of movement. 



Geometry Cache

Bring blockbuster moments to life as you've always imagined them—from flags fluttering in the wind to destruction that will have players running for cover

CRYENGINE supports the storing and playback of complex simulated geometry using point caching techniques, first developed for animated movies. This approach normally results in data of unmanageable size, but CRYENGINE technology reduces this to 10% of the original file size.

The interpreted ‘GeomCache’ renders as efficiently as static geometry, with Lossy-to-Lossless compression, instancing support, streaming and buffered playback all possible.

No engine-specific markup is required, allowing developers to iterate faster and focus on the quality of the art, rather than the process of getting the art into their game.



Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh

Making NPCs that get stuck in the environment a thing of the past

Multi-Layer Navigation Mesh (MNM) is an enhanced dynamic navigational data structure, used by the AI to path-find through levels. This system is seamlessly integrated into CRYENGINE Sandbox, meaning designers simply define an area where the navigation mesh should be generated and let the CRYENGINE MNM do the rest. MNM also supports real-time dynamic updates in-game, so that when an area changes, the navigation mesh updates accordingly without delay.



Advanced AI System

Instill non-player characters with unparalleled levels of intelligence

Realistic representation of animated characters requires state of the art AI systems to respond intelligently to the game environment and maintain the illusion of realism. CRYENGINE features powerful AI technology that handles character behaviors with modular sensory systems such as hearing and sight, and supports the requirements of the locomotion system. The AI requires no additional middleware and is fully integrated within CRYENGINE.



Physicalized Character Customization

An easier way to ensure the characters you create on paper come to life in your game

We have simplified the process of enhancing character models with physics-based simulated attachments to add more dynamics and details to your virtual characters. Enrich your characters with physics-based simulations and extend them by attaching ropes, cloths and rigid accessories.

Lozenges: 4 Numbers, 8 shapes

Our new simulation algorithms have been tailored specifically for efficient, stable and fast character processing to offer a high degree of realism at high frame rates. New, flexible collision proxies enable you to match your models more closely and offer realistic interactions with your characters - at high performance.


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