Material Editor

Embrace physically based materials

Make your models come to life using our Material editor. Using our palette of optimized shaders your models will have never looked so good, and for a fraction of the cost! Add your own shaders for even more power and flexibility.


FBX Support

More flexibility for faster development

Unleash your creativity with CRYENGINE! Import your files from any Digital Content Creation tool using the FBX file format. CRYENGINE strongly believes in the artist’s freedom to choose the best tools for the job, and will continue to implement this philosophy.

The FBX importer also supports automatic LOD generation to speed-up your workflow even more!



Level Design

CRYENGINE allows developers of any skill level to quickly build stunning levels

CRYENGINE Sandbox provides extremely powerful tools to shape your level in a few brush strokes. Here is a demonstration of our Terrain and Vegetation painting tools.



Trackview Cinematic Editor

Bring cinematic magic to the small screen with our simple but powerful cutscene editor

The TrackView Editor is an embedded cutscene editing tool for making interactive movie sequences with time-dependent control over objects and events. Creating cinematic or scripted events is easy, allowing the user to sequence objects, animations and sounds in the scene.

Learn more with our Trackview Documentation.



The all-inclusive content authoring tool for CRYENGINE.

CRYENGINE Sandbox gives developers full control over their multi-platform creations in real-time, featuring an array of efficient tools that enable the fastest iteration during development of game worlds.

Our WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) suite of tools enables real-time creation, editing and in-game preview of every aspect and feature of a CRYENGINE game. Reach new heights thanks to a fast iterative process. Optimize your content for ultimate performance. Gain full control of your game: manage your game content through multiple platforms and localized versions. Overcome complex workflows thanks to the flexibility of the Sandbox’s customization systems, and extend it through scripts and plugins to fulfill your specific needs.




Build gameplay systems and complex levels without needing to write a single script

CRYENGINE’s simple yet powerful visual scripting system gives users an intuitive interface to create and control game logic and events.

With the added workflow improvements of real-time debugging, breakpoints and modules, the user can focus their energy on iterating and improving gameplay.

Learn more with our Flowgraph Documentation.



Designer Tool

The powerful and intuitive built-in modeling tool

Model directly in the CRYENGINE Sandbox using our fully featured modeler: Designer Tool. Whether you use it for quick prototyping, making “whitebox” models, or making all of your game’s final content with it, the Designer Tool is sure to be a helpful addition to your toolset.

Designer Tool also supports exporting the objects for further processing in external tools.

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