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CEVPlayer - Plugin for CRYENGINE V allowing you to play video on the screen and on game objects

Available on GitHub
Latest release here
Forum topic here

It includes :

  • Flowgraph nodes for creating the video player (Screen video / Texture video)
  • VideoPlayerComponent for the easy integration with new components system
  • Schematyc functions to simplify the creation of schematyc entities with a video player component
  • Example project for fast functionality study
  • Full source code
  • Absolutely free license

WIKI and lessons
Please see WIKI
Fast functionality study with the example project

Additional information

  • CEVPlayer uses code of Libav licensed under the LGPL v2.1
  • CEVPlayer can play video only in .webm format
  • CEVPlayer compatible with CRYENGINE 5.3-5.4 only !
  • All video files should be in the "Videos" folder
  • TextureVideoPlayer not playing audio - use audio triggers instead
  • Don't use for TextureVideoPlayer video in very high resolution - it could lead to performance issues (HD or lower is recommended)
  • Don't play video when the level is loading - the game will crash!

GitHub community
I will be happy with any help from the community, so I'm waiting for your pull requests.
If you have any issues with this plugin please use GitHub issues

If you need more from me, write me directly to my email :

This is a third party plugin which has not been developed nor is being maintained by Crytek.


12:01:19 10.02.2018
Very good

This plugin is awesome. It adds an important feature and is a must have for many people who are developing their game.

10:15:10 30.05.2018

Having an alternative is good, but Cry natively supports webm and usm allready so i dont know whats the use of this

14:27:33 02.08.2018
awesome plugin

this plugin is in all fact a feature that miss from long time, installed in 5 minute and perfectly working.

Technical Specifications

Version number
Operating system Windows

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