Using the Road Tool Efficiently Within the Engine
by Haytch0

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Topic Game Design
Skill level Intermediate
Exercise files
Zipped size 1.32GB
Unzipped size 1.33GB
6 Assets

In this tutorial I will cover how to Use the road tool inside of the Engine, Efficiently, I'll go over techniques on how to improve Junction Blending & Also touch on How to use your textures to receive the best result.

Please be aware This tutorial Does not come with the sample pack Simply because it's being sold as an Asset pack already.

What's the difference between the tutorial and the pack? Simple.

The pack will give you what is needed To use But the Tutorial Will ultimately Show you how to use, Set up & Create the materials from scratch, which will also include you being able to further progress your skills by Repeating this process on different environments & roads.

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