Touch & Detail Bending Sword Ferns
by Haytch0

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
Polygon count 2000
Vertice count 2000
UV mapped
UV type Yes, non-overlapping
Zipped size 16.96MB
Unzipped size 48.72MB
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You have it!, The power to bend Mountains, Rocks... Well.. Just plants anyway,

This touch bending Fern set were taken with a 32MP camera Individually edited & added to an atlas with all PBR/S Materials for any project.
They are realitvely low poly (2K) and have 3 - 4 LODS per fern, Two ferns are Touch & Detail Bending whilst Two are Just Detail Bending. (Mainly for hand placement)
You can find all maps in this pack incase you wish to use Specular or Gloss workflow,


Normal (With Gloss Alpha)

All maps were generated at 4K Resolution, If you wish to have smaller resolution please don't hesitate to contact me.


To the Important stuff.

You must not re-sell this asset pack to friends/colleagues or give them freely, this pack is created for Indie use, You can use this pack in visual demoreels and/other Demonstrations
But you must Put my name in your showreel/demo when showing the assets (Description etc.)

You can use this pack in any game you wish to make.

DO NOT:!!!: Use the Cryengine to Export the CGF Files & Simply modify/rename/RIP the assets to sell somewhere else.

To add these to your collection Simply Navigate to your Project folder.
These were created in the saple GameSDK Folder for easy implementing.
Drag & Drop Either the 'GameSDK' Folder within the zip OVER yours, Or go into the GameSDK folder & Drag the contents to your GameSDK.

These assets were also created in a secondary Category (my personal favourite), instead of GameSDK/Objects/Natural etc.
the route is GameSDK/Assets/Foliage (any foliage purchased from me will have the same convention.


November 21, 2016
Great stuff!

These ferns looks great :)

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