Gardening Tools Pack

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
UV mapped
UV type Mixed
Zipped size 23.14MB
Unzipped size 31.80MB
3 Assets

This pack contains four models: hacksaw, saw, scythe and sickle.

Real world dimension assets,

hacksaw - 50cm x 12cm x 1cm
saw - 100cm x 25cm x 3cm
scythe - 63cm x 102cm x 6.5cm
sickle 33cm x 44cm x 4cm

Originally created with Blender. Final images rendered with CRYENGINE V.
The model is built to real world scale, with low poly for use as a real time
asset in a video game or simulation.

Number of polygons:

  • hacksaw - 175
    LOD1 - 110
    LOD2 - 68

  • saw - 278
    LOD1 - 142
    LOD2 - 70

  • scythe - 727
    LOD1 - 383
    LOD2 - 148

  • sickle - 414
    LOD1 - 200
    LOD2 - 68

Each model has proxy.

Textures resolution - 2048x2048
There is diffuse map, specular map, gloss map and normal map (tif and dds).

Also there is fbx files of all models and blend file.

Path: C:\Program Files(x86)\Crytek\CRYENGINE Launcher\Crytek\gamesdk_5.2\GameSDK\Assets\Objects\Gardening Tools
(instalation folder for CRYENGINE V)

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