Romani Wagons
by Corbin

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Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
UV mapped
UV type Unknown
Zipped size 179.54kB
Unzipped size 4.95MB
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This asset includes THREE different Romani styled wagons.
I wanted to make a set of Romani wagons unique from each other in both color and design, for instance there's two that are blue, yet they are unlike each other in shape and a red one that's more circular. The goal was to make them versatile enough so that you guys could use them for a number of different game themes and scenes such as horror/mystery or medieval/fantasy. I thought they'd look good sitting at the back of a dingy carnival as a caravan or camped outside an old manor or inside a werewolf infested forest. Whatever you guys do with them, I hope you find them useful!
Doors are detailed with both doorknobs and hinges but they aren’t rigged so they aren’t enterable however, feel free to design your own interiors then make them enterable.
Also feel free to use these assets for any games, projects, builds, ect. Anything you do with assets.
To open this asset you must have the CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project (which is free here on the marketplace)
Folder Titled: Romani_Wagons inC:/CRYENGINE LAUNCHER/Crytek/gamesdk_5.3/GameSDK/Assets/levels/Romani_Wagons

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