Portable Radio (Walkie Talkie)

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal
Polygon count 1391
Vertice count 755
UV mapped
UV type Yes, non-overlapping
Zipped size 28.88MB
Unzipped size 64.14MB

Portable radio (Walkie Talkie)

An Awesome Portable radio that you can join to your game
It has Aprox. 700 Quads(polys).
All the textures are on 4k size.Its has normals baked!

1 mesh
1 material:

  1. Albedo
  2. Normal
  3. Specular
  4. (Smoothness in Alpha of Normal)

Change value of emission to turn on or off the screen.

For any question contact me ( for simple question or changes in the material) I would be more than happy to help!


File with Aprox. 27Mb .Zip -Ready to copy to your assets folder and use.No need to adjust materials.

Best value for the Buck!

March 07, 2017
Great work

Love the work.

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