CRYENGINE 3ds Max Utilities v2020
by Crytek

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Category/Type Utility
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Update includes numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes, full change-list resides inside the package.

Install simply by running the included Install.bat file (Max 2016 – 2020 support).

A brand new toolset to help improve your workflow with the rigging and animation system in CRYENGINE and 3ds Max.
Previously, artists were restricted to using Character Studio Biped for character animation. With ceMaxUtils you can easily export game animation for CRYENGINE from inside 3ds Max and CAT.
Additional features in ceMaxUtils include a collision mesh generation tool, which uses a speedy new algorithm to quickly apply a physics mesh to an object, and a new vertex coloring system which automates the application of color gradients to an object, which will be especially useful for artists creating vegetation. Both of these features offer a significant upgrade to our current CryMaxTools by simplifying and accelerating processes.

February 11, 2018
Thank you

it's for max2016?

January 02, 2018
Thank you.

Very good work.

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