Office Meeting MoCap

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Subject/Genre Daily Life/Interaction
Length Mixed
Framerate NTSC 30 FPS
Motion capture
Zipped size 20.30MB
Unzipped size 49.63MB

34 CRYENGINE Office Meeting Animations - A variety of board room activities.
INCLUDING: Listening, discussion, presentation, and other interactions.
Bring your Board Room to life with these office meeting animations. Participants listen, discuss, agree and disagree, shake hands, hand out reports, get up and make presentations, and many more.

● Many animations of Office Life. Fill your workplace environment with a variety of productive employees.
● Fingers animated expressively.
● Many variations of activities and interactions.
● Sitting as well as standing presenter animations.

● Root motion.
● All animations are native I_CAF files and on the default MotusMan Character.
● The MotusMan Character is included in the First and Third Person Templates in CryEngine 5.
● Provided FBX Motus Man character is copyright © Motus Digital, LLC
● To view the full list of animations, please check out the Animation List link below and included PDF.
MoCap Online / Motus Digital

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