Deaths MoCap

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Subject/Genre Action/Interaction
Length Mixed
Framerate NTSC 30 FPS
Motion capture
Zipped size 10.51MB
Unzipped size 16.70MB

16 CRYENGINE Character Deaths - Dying in many colorful and dramatic ways.
INCLUDING: Hit while walking, hits to different body parts, quick and slow deaths with injuries, many more.

Need some more drama and excitement when your characters die? This pack includes many variations from single and multiple hits in different directions, spinning, crawling, bleeding and guts falling out, and many more quick and drawn out dramatic deaths.
● Deaths in many directions
● Single and multiple hits
● Quick instant deaths as well as dramatic slow deaths.

● Root motion.
● All animations are native I_CAF files and on the default MotusMan Character.
● The MotusMan Character is included in the First and Third Person Templates in CryEngine 5.
● Provided FBX Motus Man character is copyright © Motus Digital, LLC
● To view the full list of animations, please check out the Animation List link below and included PDF.
MoCap Online / Motus Digital

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