Weapons - Historical Firearms

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Genre/Style Weapons - Historical Firearms
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 48 kHz
Zipped size 182.90MB
Unzipped size 269.72MB

Weapons - Historical Firearms

The sound of historical battlefields was loud and dominated by the explosive charges of smoky muskets, carbines, cannons and revolvers. This huge package with more than 390 sounds of HISTORICAL FIREARMS brings you the exact sound of these old-fashioned weapons. Loud, deadly, uncompromising and from the times where no one even thought about things like silencers or ammo clips.
Audio Demo: https://soundcloud.com/boom-library/historical-firearms-demo/s-KxQNn

The following weapons are included:

  • Cannon 4 Gauge Steel
  • Cannon 24 Gauge Brass
  • Muzzleloader 1886
  • Pistol Muzzleloader
  • Revolver 1847 44Cal
  • Revolver 1863 36Cal
  • Revolver 1863 44Cal
  • Revolver 1863 36Cal
  • Revolver Caliber 44
  • Revolver 1863 36Cal
  • Revolver Pistol 50 Cal
  • Rifle 4 Gauge
  • Rifle Breechloader 1860
  • Rifle Breechloader 1871 Carabine
  • Rifle French Military Flint Lock
  • Rifle Musketoon 1852
  • Rifle Muzzleloader 1730
  • Rifle Muzzleloader 1853
  • Rifle Muzzleloader Free
  • Rifle Remington Rolling Block
  • Rifle Rolling Block 1864
  • Rifle Sniper Rifle 1850 Long Range Express

Each sound comes in four variations with different sizes to give you a greater flexibility.

All sounds has been designed by the award-winning sound designers of the BOOM Library.


  • 392 Sound Files
  • 16 Bit / 48kHz
  • 282,8 MB
November 07, 2016
really good and usefull

nice pack it will be really usefull in my games but a question that model 1871 breech loaded carabine is a bolt action breech loaded i need bolt action breech loaded like the dreyse rifle of the prussians

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