Field Cannon and Carriage Pack
by vise19

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
UV mapped
UV type Unknown
Zipped size 393.70MB
Unzipped size 707.32MB
11 Assets

Cannon and carriage pack.

This collection includes: Gun model with 2 lods Lod0 = 112100 polys, Lod2 = 8589 polys.
Model carriage in two variants
(the iron box and the box with leather cover) with 2 lods Lod0 = 83663 polys, Lod2 = 8376 polys.
Model cores includes 1 lod Lod0 = 14942 polys, Lod1 = 4483 polys.
Ramrod - 1 Lod Lod0 = 650 polys, Lod1 = 325 polys.
For best display model I recommend to put the setting the Lod Ratio to 40.

In the collection of used Pbr textures 4096x4096,
which include maps: Albedo, Glossiness, Normal, Detail.

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