Bungalow with Pool

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal
Polygon count 11427
Vertice count 14947
UV mapped
UV type Yes, overlapping
Zipped size 215.99MB
Unzipped size 433.62MB

House with Pool
3D complex game low-poly model with physics and destruction.
Contains different independent models:

  • Towel
  • Pillow
  • Round lamp
    It has LODs, vertex color paint and destruction joints made for CRYENGINE physics.

May be easily imported in any game engine or in render scene.
Textures have diffuse, specular, roughness, normalmap, heightmap and detailmap.
Roughness map is in TGA normalmap, ALPHA channel.
Textures total count -39 dds, 36 tga with 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 resolution.

Max file contains: one material – default 3dmax, 18 submaterials
( CRYENGINE shader, may be easily changed to any other, because it contains only diffuse channel for debug purpose), 9803 polys in the scene, 12213 verts, 1-2 LODs
Cryengine cgf file (in Cryengine_Model folder) additionally contains: complete mtl material file, 20 submaterials, 11427 faces, 14947 verts, 1-2 LODs, destroyed pieces, vertex color paint and destruction joints.
To use model in CRYENGINE:
put folder “HouseWithPool” (the root is: HouseWithPool\Cryengine_Model\HouseWithPool – pay attention, you need only subfolder at the end of the directory “HouseWithPool”, but not the whole folder chain “HouseWithPool\Cryengine_Model\HouseWithPool”) in “Objects” folder of your CRYENGINE built.

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