AAA Game Music Loops

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Genre/Style Cinematic, Loops, Game Audio, Music
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Zipped size 1.66GB
Unzipped size 1.78GB

Travel lands far and wide and take your games soundtracks to award-winning heights. To ancient fantasy lands in Egypt to Epic Medieval battles scenes of Europe. Introducing AAA Game Music Loops, an immersive collection of high quality, game ready, seamlessly loopable music loops. March your mighty armies against unbeatable odds, Build massive suspense and horror or Let your character relax on a renaissance night in an old tavern. With AAA Game Music Loops you get to do all of this!

Inside you find a wealth of high production value instrumentals and cinematic music loops, providing you with an unthinkable ultimate game music assortment. Construct the music how you want it. Start the track off with the minimal loop then add in the alt mix with drums to beefed up the hype and tension
With AAA Game Music you have the power to build your very own epic cinematic masterpieces and score your game’s soundtrack exactly how you want it… Created by the Award-winning composer “Gilde Flores” (the Wolverine, FarCry 4) with game developers in mind, AAA Game Music is here to not only give you winning compositions but give you the ability to create awe-inspiring music that AAA games know and love. Make your audience happy and give them what they want! Epic music with outstanding quality.
There’s more – With every type of music needed to complete your games soundtrack essentials like Loading Screen, Menu, Combat, Horror, and Suspense to add tension, Fantasy and Adventure and more, AAA Game Music offers an unbeatable collection of music that every game creator, producer on the forefront of game developments needs.
Product Details:
160 music loops
43 Full-Length Soundtracks
203 total files - All .wav 44.1k/16bit
Each Soundtrack includes a full version Loop plus alt version loops
Build your game music how you want it
Access to Almost hours of music
AAA Game Music Library
1.88GB of music tracks
26 Fantasy and Adventure loops
59 Combat loops
45 Epic Orchestral loops – perfect for epic scene or trailers
28 Horror and Suspense loops
16 Loading Screen Loops
29 Menu loops

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Licenses of Music Assets are single project licenses and only permit the use of the Music Asset in one project.

If the Buyer wishes to use a Music Assets in another project, an additional license must be obtained.

The Buyer shall be entitled to cut and edit the music pieces within Music Assets only as required for incorporation into a project.

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