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Genre/Style Cinematic, Horror, Game Audio, Sound Pack
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Zipped size 554.62MB
Unzipped size 716.08MB

504 files included – Inspired by Hollywood Box Office Horror Hits – The Conjuring, The Exorcist and The Shining, we present to you the psychopaths favorite: Asylum – Epic Stock Media’s hair-raising sound library of Hollywood film scare tactics. Unchained access to some of the most cutting-edge designed horror production sound effects in the world derived from stunning 196k 24bit recording sessions. Be the first to unleash our best sound library yet! Check the audio preview for spine-chilling inspiration.

Sounds include:

Unheard Screeches, Shockers,
Sinister Drones, Stingers
Full Bodied Hits, impacts
Dynamic Risers, Whooshes,
Ghostly Groans, Moans, Creaks
Psychotic Textures, Movements
Freaky shrieking instruments
Erie tones and clanks

A remarkable collection of AAA quality psychosis signals, drones, textures, stingers, hits, tonal darkness, impacts, risers, whooshes, groans, shrieks, and eerie noises for creating heart-pumping moments, horror tension, suspense, and foreboding story telling. Created by Epic Stock Media Sound designers Marty Meinerz and Collin Scudder – Asylum creates a truly unsettling atmosphere for your sci-fi or horror productions.

All sounds were recorded with some of the best recording and processing gear available. Making for one deadly audio combination.With a Horrifying set of fear induced feelings, moods, textures, and tones, Please use at your own risk and be prepared to give goosebumps, nightmares, and mentally mess with the heads of your subjects. If you like cinematic film and TV trailer sound effects, be sure to check out the Epic Trailer Sound Kit for an amazing deal!

Product Details:

Horror Trailer Sound Library
All in .WAV 44.1k 16bit – 500 + files
Soundminer Meta-tagged
1+ Hour of Sound
Unheard of Screeches, Shockers
Sinister Drones, Stingers
Full Bodied Hits, impacts
Dynamic Risers, Whooshes
Ghostly Groans, Moans, Creaks
Psychotic Textures, Movements
Beyond Halloween and Zombies!

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