S23 M1911 Handgun Collection
Length 3.29
Genre/Style Foley/ Weapons
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 48 kHz
Zipped size 267.43MB
Unzipped size 274.91MB

Featuring one of the most recognizable guns in history, Studio 23’s M1911 handgun pack consists of 204 individually designed high quality wav files. The M1911 Handgun pack gives complete freedom with every aspect of the gun recorded separately.

The M1911 Handgun pack consists of everything that your game project will require for handgun sound effects. Featuring multiple gunshot types (dry shots and varied versions with reverb), bullet impacts and effects, gun scrapes and multiple handling sounds. The full reloading sequence of the gun has been recorded and edited into individual parts to accompany any animation giving you complete control over your project. Each sound effect has been embedded with metadata and named appropriately to allow for a quick and easy workflow.

Metadata Sheet


  • Please note that not all audio in the preview is present in the M1911 handgun pack. The preview is there to showcase the quality of the audio you should expect from your purchase. Please refer to the metadata spreadsheet for a full detailed list of what this pack contains.

Technical Details

Audio Library Features

· Totaling 204 mono .wav files.

· Each sound has been specifically designed to replicate the M1911, however they can be utilized for handguns of a similar type.

· Contains gunshots, reloads, shell drops, bullet flybys, bullet impacts and gun handling effects.

· Organised into folders for ease of use with all sound effects embedded with Soundminer metadata to allow for a quick and efficient workflow.

· Audio recording at 96kHz and 24bit for HD quality. Down-sampled to 44.1 kHz and 16bit.

Pack Includes

· Bullet Shell Drop

· Bullet Flyby

· Bullet Glass Smash

· Bullet Wall Hit

· Drop – Concrete, Wood

· Gun Scrape – Concrete, Wood

· Gunshot – Normal, Reverb (Small, Medium, Large)

· Hammer Hit

· Magazine Drop – Concrete, Wood

· Magazine Release / Reload

· Safety

· Slider Lock

· Slider Lock Release

· Slider Pull

· Slider Pull Release

· Slider Release

· Slider Release Safety

· Trigger

Number of Files: 204

Sample rate / bit rate: (48kHz, 24bit WAVs)

Gear Used: Microphone – Sennheiser MKH-416 P48

Other Info: Meta-Tagged

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