Garbage Bin Pack (8 Models)
Compiled asset
Geometry Unknown
UV mapped
UV type Unknown
Zipped size 4.84MB
Unzipped size 7.19MB

Garbage Bin Pack

You can use this pack to help populate your streets, houses, parks, buildings and much more. This pack gives you a variety of different garbage bins to help keep them different and blend in with the level an setting. These models are used in my own game on driveways, beach, park, sidewalks and ally’s and many more around the map.

-8 Garbage Bins

The Download Includes all above (8 Models) as well a s render in each model folder from different angles, the compiled CRYENGINE files, and the textures. Also includes the renders seen in post.

The proxies are set up already. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a PM.

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