AXPR Modern UI System
by Legio

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Language Actionscript
Category/Type Unknown
Version number 1.0
Zipped size 32.88MB
Unzipped size 45.92MB

AXPR Modern UI System v1.3

• Added secondary objective indicator
• Added objective description indicator
• Fixed some ammo issues
• Fixed grenade ammo counting

AXPR Modern UI System v1.0

Hi everyone, I'm introducing my first modern User Interface system to you. It's been designing since January. This system has multiple features for easy use. Only English available for messages, you can contact me for adding additional languages, so I can make an update. It's only tested on CRYENGINE 5.5 and 5.5.2 with GameSDK asset. Here is the features of AXPR UI System:

  • Clean and fresh health indicator including the stamina
  • Fluent design ammo indicator
  • Modern design compass instead of minimap
  • Fluent and simple weapon customization menu (for Rifle and Pistol only)
  • Additional map menu for overview to level's map file (DDS)
  • New and simple message system
  • New message box for tutorials or reminders
  • Intro screen lines (3) for your level
  • Objective reminder on top of the compass
  • New design objective and human tags for reminding objective's position (reach, kill, use, etc.)

Note: This project only supports up to 1920x1080 resolution.

  • How to use this features? *

1- Health:
---> Easy and simple indicator that showing your health level and stamina.

2- Ammo:
---> Modern design ammo indicator, including weapon's image and current grenade count on your inventory pack.

3- Compass:
---> I decided to remove minimap, so I can make that compass indicator. This indicator presents the compass for your current position. Also including the threat level. Compass becomes red if your threat level is high, and yellow when enemies get alerted. It's easy for tracking your stealthy.

4- Weapon Customization:
---> I created a simple and easy weapon customization menu. This menu only works with Rifle and Pistol due to their accessories. You can attach a accessory by pressing "1", "2" or "3" keys according to the attachment for selected weapon. When you press "Z" at the menu, weapon will be revert back to it's default model. You can access this menu by pressing "X" and you can close it by pressing "E" button.

5- Map Menu:
---> When I remove the minimap, I decided to make it easy to overview the map for exploring the environment and objectives. It's shows your current position, enemies that activated by yourself, vehicles and objective icons. You can access the map menu by pressing "M" button in-game, and you can close it by pressing "E" button.

6- Messages:
---> Sample message strings for using certain objects like door, usable objects, etc. Also you can add sample message for reminding something.

7- Message Box:
---> This box including title of message and message itself. You can use show or hide it whenever you want, by adding in the Flowgraph.

8- Intro Screen Lines:
---> This feature including 3 lines for intro of your level. You can add it for your level's intro.

9- Objective Reminder:
---> When an objective becomes active, objective's description will be shown on center of screen, after some seconds, objective description will be visible at the top of the compass.

10- Objective Tags:
---> I made some tags for objects and humans. It's including Follow, Reach, Use and Kill indicators for reminding the objective. For humans, there's a enemy, enemy sniper and ally indicators. Also including a vehicle and simple ammo crate tag.


First of all, please backup "gamedata.pak" and "english_xml.pak" on your GameSDK folder. Also backup the Libs\Config and Libs\UI folder (if it's available as folder).

Open file and extract "gamedata.pak" file to your GameSDK folder, and "english_xml.pak" to GameSDK\Localization folder. Replace items if it asks. Also delete "Libs\Config" and "Libs\UI" folder if it's avilable as folder.

March 29, 2019
Been Waiting For Something Like This

What makes it even better is the weapon custimization menu! This UI has it all!

March 28, 2019
Mini map

Add a rounded mini map. more beautiful

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