Farm Fence
Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal
Polygon count varied
Vertice count varied
UV mapped
UV type Yes, non-overlapping
Zipped size 47.58MB
Unzipped size 55.64MB

Farm Fence

Farm Fence Set
Farm_Fence (Assembled)... 652 polygons - proxy included
Fence_Rail ... 36 polygons - proxy included
FencePost ... 544 polygons - proxy included
FencePost_End ... 592 polygons - proxy included

Farm Gate Set
Farm_Gate ... 660 polygons - proxy included
Farm_Gate_Post ... 668 polygons - proxy included
Gate_Chain .. 5958 polygons - 3 LOD's - proxy included
Gate_Chain_Padlock (Assembled).. 5958 polygons - 3 LOD's - proxy included
PadLock .. 5792 polygons - 3 LOD's - proxy included
jointedbreakable_PadLock .. for testing
farm_gate.grp loadable preset asset setup as an entity with line constraint
to allow player to push/open gate

material files
source .tiff textures, albedo, spec, ddna, displ
source fbx's

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