AXPR T5 User Interface Mod
by Legio

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Language Actionscript
Category/Type Utility
Version number 1.0
Zipped size 39.77MB
Unzipped size 52.58MB

AXPR T5 User Interface Mod

Hi everyone. I'm introducing my second user interface mod. I've been dealing with this upwards from my first AXPR Modern UI System's release. Generally based on GameSDK FPS/TPS shooter projects, but for anyone who wants to add this to custom C# & C++ projects, I included all source files. If you know how to coding properly, you can easily do it by using the source files. Here's the features and installation instructions:

• Note: You can watch my introduction video on youtube to gather more infos about all features.

• Designed for FPS/TPS tactical shooter projects.
• It has minimap (radar) with compass feature instead of compass-only.
• Re-designed weapon & ammo indicators with rounded bars.
• Re-designed objective indicators as more clear look.
• Added little objective indicator on top of the radar. (Can be toggled between main and radar)
• Added secondary objective indicator with minimap icons.
• Added objective description indicators.
• Re-designed message box. Size of the message boxes are lowered for small&clean look.
• Added objective distance meter on bottom of the minimap.
• Health indicator moved to bottom of the minimap and size lowered.
• Added oxygen indicator with scaling-bar.
• Weapon customization menu completely re-designed with mouse events for easy and quick use.
• Added weapon wheel for selecting weapons quickly.
• Added graphic quality control panel, that gives full control of graphical options with some features.
• Added vehicle control panel to get help about vehicle control buttons. (Can be toggled on/off)
• Added simple speed meter for ground vehicles. Modified over original Demo-Speedo meter.
• Re-designed message boxes and added button-controlling message box v2 with colored footer.
• Added dynamically-scaling message page.
• Re-designed intro screen with clean look.
• Re-designed in-game map page for bigger look for the maps of levels.
• Added button-controlling stack message. (Example; grabbing NPCs for execution)
• Added silhouette to humans and ammo crates for easy-look.
• Added killing effects, like red-crosshair, screen shake and feedbacks for controllers. (Feedback feature is still in progress)
• Removed some tags (etc. Follow, Kill) from previous AXPR Modern UI System.
• Added simple objective tag instead of Kill, Reach, Follow ones.
• Added optional rounded minimap. See instructions for usage.


• This project is designed on 1920x1080 resolution, but can be dynamically-scaled on every resolutions up to 4K.
• You can change resolution of UI elements by editing their source files.


• I will try to fix some problems like, radar is not working after loading second level in one game session. This problem is engine-related, it's not about me, but I'm trying to find a fix.
• Speed meter may disappear on won't work after pressing some menu buttons in any vehicle.
• Please wait for 1-2 second and wait for "ACTION SUCCESSFUL" message to be disappear after pressing buttons on graphic control panel and weapon customization menu. Otherwise, selected controls may not be applied.
• All attachments may automatically detached after pressing customization menu button. You can still attach all accessories.
• "OUT OF AMMO" message may appear after changing weapons and throwing a grenade.
• There may be some leveling bugs on rounded radar system.

And thank you for supporting me by buying this mod. I will provide more useful mods for your all. Enjoy!

Tugay Acar (axpR / tugayls12)
For contact send me a private message via the forum.

December 29, 2019
Kullanım kılavuzu

Nasıl kuracağız ve nasıl projemize ekleriz indirdim fakat projeme ekleyemedim .

July 04, 2019
Another Excellent UI

Much like the previous UI, this one delivers in a myriad of ways.
The extra options take this up a notch.

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