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Length 27 min
Genre/Style Science Fiction
Bit rate Below 64kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Zipped size 399.17MB
Unzipped size 432.22MB

SCI FI MUSIC is a music collection for film and games in a high audio solution.
It consists a collection of cinematic, modern full orchestral tracks within Sci-Fi thematic. Trailer music, action, background music and ambient atmospheres. The tracks can all be connected and includes a looping and an ending version. The music was composed by an award-winning composer and recorded in a studio with professional musicians. License: Multi-Use License covers unlimited projects!/copyright free.
Contact me, if you have any questions, or need another track :

Track count/title:

01 Main theme (2 Version) 1:44
02-Foreboding (2 Version) 1:42
03-Home (2 Version) 1:44
04-Nostalgia (2 Version) 2:11
05-Conquest-Loop 1:44
06-Space atmosphere 1-Loop 3:36
07-Danger A-E (5 Version) 0:22
08-Space atmosphere 2 1:22
09-Space atmosphere 3 (2 Version) 2:02
10-Space atmosphere+Danger (2 Version) 1:44
11-Battle (3 Version) 2:19
12 Battle A-E Loop (5 Version) 0:38

Music samples here:

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Licenses of Music Assets are single project licenses and only permit the use of the Music Asset in one project.

If the Buyer wishes to use a Music Assets in another project, an additional license must be obtained.

The Buyer shall be entitled to cut and edit the music pieces within Music Assets only as required for incorporation into a project.

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