Stone Floors Texture Pack - 4K

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Texture format PNG
Width 4096
Height 4096
Color depth 24 bit
Multiple layers
Zipped size 2.66GB
Unzipped size 2.66GB

This pack contains 20 stone floor variations ready to be used in your project. These are 4K textures with a realistic finish, they're great for bringing game worlds to life, and especially good for visualisation work.

Examples of use:

  • Environment Texturing
  • Architectural Visualisation
  • World Building/Prototyping

Technical Details:
Texture Resolution: 4096 x 4096

All textures feature accurate Albedo, Normal and Specular maps. There are also added bump/AO layers where appropriate.

All textures are tried and tested in our visualisation studio throughout a range of projects and use cases. We hope they serve you just as well.

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