Endless Drones

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Length 67 minutes
Genre/Style Ambience
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 48 kHz
Zipped size 721.13MB
Unzipped size 746.97MB

Endless Drones is a diverse set of 100 multi-layered atmospheres and mangled drone textures, that will help you portray an unsettling sense of mood or establish a unique sense of location in your projects.

All sounds are formed using field recordings and organic sound elements that have been are mixed and merged with synthetic tones and low-end rumble sources, using extensive processing and advanced production techniques.

Audio Preview:

Video Preview:

Some of the interesting real-life elements that have been used in the making of this library are city and roaring factory ambiences, radio statics, cicada songs, water flows and howling winds, spooky waves of laughter, horse galloping sounds, rough metal scrapes and slides, tape wrapping sounds around gears and rainscapes.

And the sounds can be described as spacious, immersive, futuristic, mysterious, wide, deep, dark, hypnotic, ominous, experimental.


  • Loop-ready files
    All clips are crafted to loop seamlessly, from anywhere between 20 seconds to well… forever!

  • Well grounded folder structure, ease of use
    Sounds are categorized as follows: Sci-Fi & Futuristic, Psychotic & Horror, Illusion & Mystery, Abnormal & Experimental and delivered to you in 96kHz/24bit format.


  • 100 royalty-free files in total
  • All sounds are spread across these 4 categories: Sci-Fi & Futuristic, Illusion & Mystery, Psychotic & Horror, Abnormal & Experimental and delivered in 24bit/96kHz in stereo .wav format
  • Library size is 746 MB (unzipped)
  • You can view the full tracklist in PDF format here:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/xl1rfhc2lb0usxt/Sound Ex Machina Endless Drones sound list.pdf?dl=0

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