Construction Zone

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Length 410 minutes
Genre/Style Industrial
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 48 kHz
Zipped size 3.57GB
Unzipped size 4.41GB

Our Construction Zone library consists of 260 HQ recordings of a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles and construction workers engaged in raucous activities such as driving around, digging holes, flattening surfaces and more, that will satisfy your appetite for… construction!

Specifically, the library comes with sounds of dump trucks moving debris, hungry excavators, bulldozers pushing rocks, loud drilling hammers, cranes, asphalt paving machinery and screeching crawlers. Other sound effects include construction workers hammering, shoveling, sawing, welding and drilling in all kinds of environments such as public roads, cobblestone streets, renovation sites, and other facilities.

Construction Zone library has been captured using both control and stealth field recording techniques. In all those cases, post-production and curation work has created a fine outcome, totaling approximately 7 hours of material.

Overall, the collection caters to projects that require construction site ambiences and/or detailed, close up sounds of heavy machinery. The sounds in this library can also be used as raw audio material for further processing.


Drilling hammers
Dump Trucks
Asphalt paving machines


Welding equipment
Power saws
Cement mixer
Marble and Woodcutting equipment (saw)
Steel bar cutting machine
Pneumatic nail gun
Diesel engine power unit


260 sounds in total
Library size is 4.4 GB
Duration: Approx. 7 hours

You can view the full tracklist by downloading the metadata in PDF format here: Ex Machina - Construction Zone - Sound List.pdf?dl=0

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