PRO Soldier Character Voice Pack

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Length Total amount of audio: 19:13
Genre/Style Sound Pack, Dialogue, Shooter Voice, Voice Over, Character Voice
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 48 kHz
Zipped size 149.21MB
Unzipped size 159.46MB

Your new video game character needs a voice. If that character happens to be a male soldier or assassin, this pack is perfect for you! You'll find hundreds of phrases to use for your creation. Feel free to ask for additional recordings if needed!

Voice Pack Info: Male character voice over for FPS type games, featuring Greg Dunn, professional voice talent.

This dialogue pack includes over 1100 recordings of different words and phrases for a single character. A typical use would be a Soldier or assassin in a first or third person combat game.

There are four folders, each containing the same phrases--The difference is the intensity of their volume and attitude. Please see below for further explanation, or check out the preview video for samples.

Quiet- My favorite version. These are similar to the “Whisper” pack, but with more gravitas and authority.

Shout- I would say these are best used in crazy combat situations, as the yelling can be pretty loud.

Standard- These are great for most situations. Not yelling, but not whispering either.

Whisper- These recordings are a little quieter than the rest. Good for stealthy moments. This one has a few extra sounds like Sighs and Ooohs.

Requests: Please let me know if you have a dialogue/phrase request, and I will add it to a revised pack or email you directly with the files.

Important/Additional Notes:

Document containing all included phrases in this pack:

I will add a new set of files containing hits, grunts, jumps, taking damage, etc., very soon. Reach out to me if you have already purchased the pack and would like to receive the update for free.

Technical Details:
Number of Audio Waves: 1194
Sample rate / bit rate: 48Khz / 24-bit
Do Sound FX loop: No
Minutes of audio provided: 19:13
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

Tags: Soldier, Assassin, Army, Voice, voiceover, voice over, shooter voice, dialogue, soldier voice pack, unity asset, video game character, voice over pack, video game dialogue, assassin voice, fps voice pack, video game voice, sound effect, game sounds, sound pack, sound fx, audio, voices, character, vocal shouts

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