Marvelous Designer & Hunt: Showdown Contest Pack
by Crytek

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Geometry Polygonal
Polygon count -
Vertice count -
UV mapped
UV type Yes, non-overlapping
Zipped size 593.98MB
Unzipped size 906.24MB
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This asset pack provides you with everything you need to take part in the Hunt: Showdown Fan Art 3D Apparel Creation Contest, hosted by Crytek & CLO Virtual Fashion. If you’re a high ranking, decorated member of the Hunters’ Association, you need to look the part as well as act the part. So it’s time to create a legendary outfit of garments for a legendary hunter and enter our competition where your creations can win some awesome prizes.

Head to the contest website now to find out how to enter and what you could win:

This asset pack includes:
• MD-ready project files for two Mannequin models which you can place garments on
• A female Hunter base model to display your outfit
• A male Hunter base model to display your outfit
• A CRYENGINE-ready scene to place your Hunter(s) and outfit(s) in for maximum effect

You can also watch a tutorial video explaining how to export your garments from Marvelous Designer into CRYENGINE, and tweak the ready-made lighting in the provided scene to create the perfect screenshot for your entry.

You can find the tutorial here.

August 15, 2020
Need mac launcher or just a download button, preferably download button.

Why cant i just download the pack without a launcher? There is no mac launcher but every other cg software has a mac version

July 07, 2020


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