Ocean Game

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Genre/Style Environment
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Zipped size 514.47MB
Unzipped size 609.22MB

Welcome to the world of Ocean Game – Underwater Adventure Sound Library. An underwater universe in sound, with more than 540 compelling designed and engineered sounds geared towards the sounds of ocean exploration and adventure. Inspired by major league games like Last Tide and ABZU Ocean game is a truly unique and versatile collection when it comes to audio for games, film and video.

You’ll be immersed in a beautiful selection of scintillating underwater motion audio that includes sounds like water currents, movements, hi-tech equipment, collects and notification sounds. Even more, the collection is complete with user interface and UX menu sounds, ambience soundscapes, water loops, sea material motions, and underwater weapons too.

Tell your story in breathtaking sound and explore a lush aquatic world. Ocean Game – Underwater Adventure Sound Library is on sale now!

Discover the Hidden Treasure
Ocean Game – Underwater Adventure Sound Library features all the essentials needed to complete compelling underwater experiences. With a look inside you’ll discover a hidden treasure chest of audio smartly organized for optimal workflow. For example, open the ambience loops folder and find warm water bubbles, designed tonal background sounds, bubbling underwater room-tones and flowing liquid currents for your production’s environmentals. Listen to the demo to hear all the categories.

Ocean Game – Underwater Adventure Sound Library is made specifically for video games, animations, motion graphics, apps, videos, and film. For rapid prototypes or final mixes you’ll sound like a pro because you can instantly take advantage of the truly unique and meticulously produced sound palette – ready to use, straight into your mix.

Ready For Your Mix – No Need to Convert Files
As sound designers ourselves, we understand the needs and demands required to orchestrate the right sound. That’s why we put together Ocean Game Adventure Sound Effects Library to meet the needs of our fellow game developers and freelance sound designers at every level. It’s an unbeatable assortment and a better than a 10x value. 100’s of royalty-free audio assets at an everyday price.

Product details:
1.87 GB of audio samples
540+ mixed and mastered sound effects
All in 16bit/44.1k .wav files
Inspired by the top water games like ABZU and Last Tide
Designed game audio assets
The go-to sound pack for game developers
Perfect for games in and around water.
48 minutes of underwater audio experiences
Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability and pdf descriptions
24 achievements – level & power ups, discover hidden treasure, gains, game overs, unlocks, & more
46 ambience loops and sounds like underwater rumble, cave, sea floor, lava, sunken city, bubbles
13 breaks & shatters – coral, eggs, crate, metal tank, organic big and small hits
28 item collects, coins, crystals, divers gear, liquid, hazardous waste, minerals, seaweed, shellfish & more
69 creature vocalizations, big, small, hits, movements, whale calls & more
23 aquatic formations and plant growth like shells, spirits, coral builds, mechanical, water, air pockets
62 polished mechanisms – activate, buttons, engines, hi-tech sea sequences, robotics, turn on, system failure
40 warm water movements – air bubbles, ascending, lava bubbles, deep water current, resurface, splash, submerge & more
69 ocean game notifications – alarms, aquatic feedback, bubbly, digital, organic, hi-tech, short, metallic
53 designed user interface buttons, clicks, hi-tech chirps, holographic sea gear beeps, errors, select item
115 weapons & sweeteners – booms, glitches, electricity bursts & malfunctions, laser, underwater launcher, combat knifes, ink grenade, grappling hook
All files are game-ready, mastered and optimized in length, size to reduce game distributions and space.

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