Explainer Video Sound Kit

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Genre/Style Cartoon
Bit rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Zipped size 1.17GB
Unzipped size 1.57GB

Skip all the hassle and wasted time trying to find the right sounds. Explainer Video Sound Kit has everything you need to create dynamic sound tracks for video ads, commercials, animations, marketing and explainer videos. Importantly, it’s all royalty free and an unbeatable time saving value.

As you know, creators of motion graphics, animations and explainer videos struggle mightily with finding the right sound effects for their projects. Sadly, wasting lots of time and energy. That’s why we created the Explainer Video Sound Kit. It’s an all-in-one power pack that gets your project done fast. 1200 designed sounds, cinematic elements, transitions, Foley, natural and organic sounds and a sweet selection of background music all ready to go.

Comprehensive Sound Effects Toolkit
Explainer Video SFX library is an out of the ordinary, comprehensive sound effects toolkit. It includes all the essential sound effects needed to create audio tracks for explainer videos, animations, infographics, motion graphics, games, apps and really, almost any project that needs sound.

Enhance every audio/video experience and tell compelling stories through sound. Use it for adding a little secret sauce to fun how-to videos and for creating unique & quirky branded advertisements that get noticed. The creative power is at your fingertips.

Producer Curated Collection Saves You Time
Inside you get a marvelous explain-ified selection of large motion & movement sound effects, accents, trills, designed pop ups, clicks, screen movements, transitions, big whooshes, small & light swooshes, flips, poofs, shrinks, the sound of buttons, bubbles and pops. There’s a strong collection of positive and negative emotion gestures and notifications. Plus, the sound library includes the sound of texting, typing & writing sounds, balls, bounces, bell sounds, clocks, alarms and buzzer sounds. It’s perfectly curated to bring you all the commonly needed sound effects in the world of video marketing and all the hard to find unique SFX to make your project stand out.

Explainer Video Sound Kit is a super value pack that will pay for itself again and again.

Product Details
1200+ sound effects
51 commercial ready, royalty free music tracks
Everything you need for explainer video sound
3.65 GB of audio samples
2 hours of sound
All in 44.1k 16bit .wav file format
Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability and pdf descriptions
21 alarms clock beeps and timers
21 bells – shop, bike, pipe, cow, typewriter, home,
72 bubbles and pops – suction, double, gurgle, appear pop up, cute clusters, silly thunks, single pops, mouth sounds, wet, slide, small and others
422 Foley sounds like 1960’s film projector, record scratch, fireworks, cards, keys, air pump, censorship tone, bike wheel spin, dice, marbles, coin sounds, paper, sound of wrench cranks & more
103 gestures – designed emotion filled sound accents to draw attention to specific actions on screen like cash out, bend down, flip, frown, grow, disappear, reveal, sad moment, shrink, silly, surprise & more
201 motion and animation whooshes, swells, reveals – fast, short, long, deep, cinematic, heavy, low, silly, flutter
51 music tracks ready to use in any production – all royalty free
36 negative notifications like wrong answer buzzer sound, digital error, texting alert, ascends, descends
57 positive notifications – sound of cash register open ding, whips, blings, trills, twinkles, mallets, bell risings, cute alert sounds
113 UI sounds like bubble pop up cluster, boing, click, tap, next page, swipe sounds, radio glitch sounds, page turn, mechanical switches, metal slides, unlocks & a lot more!
126 writing & typing sounds like a variety of keyboarding sounds – old, modern, digital, writing with marker, pencil typewriter, technology data streams and transfers

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