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Pack consists of 170 sounds without reverb and 170 sounds with reverb. The package contains sounds
Open Close Door, Door handle and key, Switch, Wood squeaks.

Open Close Door - 50 (samples with no reverb): 50 (samples with reverb)
Door handle and key - 50 (samples with no reverb): 50 (samples with reverb)
Switch - 30 (samples with no reverb): 30 (samples with reverb)
Wood squeaks - 40 (samples with no reverb): 40 (samples with reverb)

Number of Audio tracks: 340
Sample rate \ bit rate:44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Seamless audio loop - No


Licenses of Music Assets are single project licenses and only permit the use of the Music Asset in one project.

If the Buyer wishes to use a Music Assets in another project, an additional license must be obtained.

The Buyer shall be entitled to cut and edit the music pieces within Music Assets only as required for incorporation into a project.

Technical Specifications

Length 0.01 sec
Genre/Style The creaks and different sounds
Bit Rate Above 256kbit
Frequency 44.1 kHz
Stereo Yes
Soundcloud Link

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