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The ultimate and high quality first person assetpack for your next World War II game.
You´ll get 9 first person assets, PBR textured and ready for your cryengine project.

What´s inside?

(27.327 triangles with magazine and bullets, two texture sets)

(23.157 triangles with magazine and bullets, two texture sets)

(3.637 triangles, one texture set)

(2.882 triangles, one texture set)

Grenades and Mines:
Tellermine 42
(5.528 triangles, one texture set)

(5.818 triangles, one texture set)

Springmine 35
(4.834 triangles, one texture set)

(7.528 triangles, one texture set)

Geballte Ladung
(14.434 triangles, one texture set)

The assets were baked and textured in high 4K quality.
But you can choose between 4K for the highest quality or 2K and 1K textures to save memory.

Additional renders of my "World War II / Axis - First Person Assets Volume 1" assetpack here:

This assets are not rigged or animated!
A documentation is included which shows, step by step, how to organize and import the assets, how to setup the materials and how to assign the materials to the assets in your cryengine project.

Before you purchase, please read and agree the license:
The whole sold content is licensed to the buyer, who may be either an individual or a company.
The buyer has the lifetime right to use the content in developing an unlimited number of products and in shipping those products. With products, video games, movies/videos or simulations are meant, where the content
itself is not the primary focus, but rather a component of a large whole.
The content may be shared with contractors or employees for the sole purpose of contributing to the product, controlled by the buyer.
The buyer, his contractors or employees are allowed to modify the content.
The users are not allowed to sub-license the content for further redestribution, whether modified or not.
Users are also not allowed to resell the sold content in form of a product where the content is the primary focus, for example a assetpack, whether modified or not.

If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to get in touch and to write me an e-mail or to contact me over facebook.

Thank you!

Technical Specifications

Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
Textures Yes
Polygon count Between 2064 and 15994
Materials No
UV type Mixed
Rigged No
Animated No
UV mapped Yes
Vertice count Between 1633 and 14626
Compiled asset No
Proxy No
LoD No

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