Base Membership

$50 /mo

Premium Membership

$150 /mo
Access to Insider
An exclusive CRYENGINE Answers section
Regular webinars by CRYENGINE experts
User revenue share from Marketplace sales 80% 80%
Ability to purchase Support Packages
Sold separately
Response times on Support Requests 3 working days 2 working days
Sold separately
Fixed Fixed + Customizable
Discount on Support Packages 10%
Project Kickoff
Dedicated Account Manager
Consulting services
Sold separately

Exclusive Insider section on CRYENGINE Answers

CRYENGINE Insider Members get access to an additional, exclusive section on CRYENGINE Answers.

Exclusive webinars

CRYENGINE Insider Members will have exclusive access to regular webinars with experts, covering a variety of CRYENGINE-related topics and questions.

Increased revenue share on the Marketplace

CRYENGINE Insider Members will receive an increased revenue share of 80% (70% for non-members) from any assets they sell on the Marketplace.


CRYENGINE Insider Members can choose to separately buy training for their staff, either on-site or via video conference. We offer pre-defined training sessions for all CRYENGINE Insider Members, while Premium Members can also choose to buy custom training tailored to their project and its challenges.

Project Kickoff call

Premium Members will have a kickoff call with their Account Manager to go over their plans, scope and potential challenges of their project.

Account Manager Contact

Users with a Premium Membership will have direct access to an Account Manager on our Business Development Team to ensure optimal communication with Crytek.

Consulting Services

Looking to optimize performance on a level? Wondering how to get that one special effect looking just right? Premium Members can buy a consultation services with members of the CRYENGINE team to ensure that their game turns out as envisioned.

Immediate access to GitHub releases

Coming after launch, CRYENGINE Insider Members will be able to get any new releases as soon as we add them to GitHub.

Users with a Base or Premium Membership can choose to buy additional Support Packages, which will give them access to a set number of working hours dedicated to supporting them with issues they run into during development. See this table for exact pricing, and read our CRYENGINE License Agreement for more details. Premium Members benefit from a 10% discount on all Support Package purchases, as well as a faster response time.

Working Hours 5 15 25 50 100
Base $700 $2 025 $3 250 $6 250 $12 000
Premium $630 $1 820 $2 925 $5 625 $10 800

The maximum number of concurrent support tickets is dependent on the team size / number of Base or Premium members belonging to the same team.

Team Size 1-9 10-20 21-35 36-50 >50
Max. number of concurrent support tickets
1 2 3 4 5
Max. number of concurrent support tickets
2 3 4 5 6

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