Check out Aporia by Mystic Box Studios

Check out Aporia by Mystic Box Studios

Free demo available now!

"You wake up feeling dazed on windswept mountain path leading to a misty forest. As the sun sets you stagger forwards with the feeling that someone is watching you".

Mystic Box Studios – a small Indie dev team based on Copenhagen – have just released a demo of Aporia, their new CRYENGINE built open world adventure game. Check the video out below – it’s SWEET!

Inspired by, in their own words, games like “Dear Esther, Journey, Myst and Amnesia”, Aporia has you exploring a beautiful yet chilling forest as you seek to unravel where you are... And who you are...

Put together by four graduates in their free time, it’s a great example at what small teams can achieve with CRYENGINE. But don’t take our word for it – follow all progress about this beautiful, atmospheric and mysterious forest in their ModDB profile, or you can check out more details about the game on their forum post here.

We’ll be watching this one closely – let us know what you think! And as ever, if you’re doing a project with CRYENGINE, let us know on the usual channels.

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