Community Spotlight: Investigator

Community Spotlight: Investigator

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. Today we bring you 'Investigator' by longtime user AdroV19, a horror game that really delivers a suspenseful, frozen atmosphere.

Hello CRYENGINE friends and welcome to yet another Community Spotlight; this time around we are featuring a first person horror-adventure game called "Investigator" set in the year 2050. Game creator 'AdroV19' based in Ukraine has been part of our community since 2012 and has delivered some juicy art showcases on the community forums before!

By looking at this picture, I do not want to meet this guy in the dark, looks like a nasty critter :)

Just last month, AdroV19 has released a small teaser trailer for the community that is getting a lot of attention from our fellow members:

In Investigator the Earth's climate is changing, one weather disaster after another. With tornadoes ravaging and destroying cities, the main character Thomas is forced to survive in harsh conditions.

This game has a lovely scary atmosphere that should set you right in the horror and survival mood.

Investigator has also been approved on Steam Greenlight, so hopefully we'll get to see the game on Steam some time in the future!

Come check out his progress or watch more of his trailers on his YouTube channel.

- Lavizh

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