CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – ‘Lendas’ by Bruno Willian Reis

CRYENGINE Community Spotlight – ‘Lendas’ by Bruno Willian Reis

Welcome to our latest Community Spotlight which features a stunning portfolio game project by Bruno Willian Reis, an aspiring environmental lighting artist from Brazil.

The project is named ‘Lendas’ and is currently in active development by Bruno, the sole developer. Bruno has over five years of experience working with CRYENGINE and we spoke to him to find out why he chose CRYENGINE for this project and discover his favorite features in the engine.

Hi Bruno! Why did you pick CRYENGINE?

CRYENGINE is amazing when it comes to graphics and this helped me in choosing the engine. When I first started to use CRYENGINE, it was something incredible. I spent hours playing with time of day and I got really interested in this area.

What features make the difference for you when you work with the engine?

Several features! SVOGI is the resource that is the most amazing for me. I am a lighting artist so this feature has become extremely useful. The quality of the images is astonishing, almost surreal.

Volumetric Fog is one of the best features of CRYENGINE. I like to mix several colors to make an image more flashy and I use Volumetric Fog in most of my scenes.

When CRYENGINE V was released, Volumetric Clouds was the feature that really grabbed my attention. I always wanted this function in the editor. I am currently combining all the features I have mentioned in my game and I’m getting really incredible results, even at this early stage of development.

Thanks Bruno!

We’re sure you’ll agree that Bruno’s work is already achieving amazing results and we’re looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.

If you would like to find out more about Lendas and discover more of Bruno’s projects, be sure to visit his ArtStation page at

As ever, if you have any feedback, ideas or comments we would love to hear them – get in touch in the comments below, or on the forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

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