CRYENGINE Discord AMA with Michael & Nic

CRYENGINE Discord AMA with Michael & Nic

Get in touch with CRYENGINE team members live in voice chat! Ask burning questions about (almost) anything and get answers, meet fellow developers and talk to the team for the latest behind-the-scenes infos on C# in CRYENGINE.

C# Programmer Michael Bosschert and Community Developer Yakir ‘Nic’ Ketteler are available for a live question-and-answer session on our CRYENGINE Community Discord next Friday. You can submit your questions around C# in CRYENGINE and as always, feel free to ask questions about marketing support and licensing.


Friday, July 13th, 5:30 pm CEST


CRYENGINE Community Discord - #AMA voice channel


A limited amount of people can come to the voice channel and talk. Please mute your mic while you aren’t actively talking. Before asking a question, please post it in text-chat, so Nic can give the floor to you to ask your question. If you don’t want to speak, Nic can read out your question.

Please take note that the AMA is going to be recorded for future publication so everyone who missed it can take advantage. By participating you agree to us recording your voice and publishing the recording on the CRYENGINE website and channels.

Check out our last AMA recording on YouTube to get an idea of the scope and flow!


C# Programmer CRYENGINE – Michael 'Cry-Miron' Bosschert

As our resident C# expert, Michael was critically involved in expanding the engine's functionality and systems towards a broader scope of coding options. If you are already a member of the CRYENGINE Community Discord, chances are you met him following up on his patronage over the coding channel; helping to solve issues and trouble-shoot programming challenges. To set a scope for the upcoming AMA, feel free to review our latest interview with Michael about C# in the engine, here.

CRYENGINE Community Developer Yakir ‘Cry-Nic’ Ketteler

Nic, yours truly and challenged when it comes to writing about himself, will speak a bit more about licensing related questions, how CRYENGINE supports Indie Devs with marketing efforts and upcoming events & workshops. He’s also going to take note of your feedback for the team and speak about upcoming opportunities for the community to get the word in on CRYENGINE development.

CRYENGINE Community Coordinator Jeremy ‘Cry-Flare’ Wade (moderation, chat)

Cry-Flare, formerly known as uniflare in the CRYENGINE community, author of the Splash Screen plugin and the CRYENGINE Beginners Guide on the forum is our community support specialist manning the stations to be in touch with you guys over social media, the forum, Discord and CRYENGINE Answers.

CRYENGINE QA Aglája 'Cry-Aglája' Prekop (moderation, chat)

Aglája is helping out with the community AMA & Discord channel out of passion for the community, but chances are, even if you haven't talked to her in person, she already helped you in one way or another. If you ever submitted an issue through CRYENGINE on github or the issue reporter in our launcher or forum, she might have been the one trouble-shooting and reproducing your issue to prep it for a fix and then handed it to the respective development team to be processed.

You can already submit your burning questions here and now in the comments or on the CRYENGINE Forum & Discord channel in #ama-questionschannel in #ama-questions, so we can prepare more detailed answers for anything that’s a bit out of scope. Live questions can be asked on the spot of course, but it might be a bit hectic, so make sure to submit urgent questions now for our pre-consideration.

We’re looking forward to meeting you guys in a more direct approach; as always, questions, comments and concerns – just let us know right here on the Forum, on Facebook, Twitter, Slack or Discord.


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