Crytek Rewards Young Innovators in The Rookies Sponsorship

Crytek Rewards Young Innovators in The Rookies Sponsorship

"The Rookies is an International Awards for young designers, creators, innovators, and artists". Crytek is committed to nurture young talent and support these great initiatives!

Dubbed the “Oscars for young creative minds”, The Rookies seek to award young and emerging talent from across all creative disciplines coming from education facilities, with awesome internship opportunities at some of the top studios in the world. Their background in Visual Effects, Animation and Gaming has helped them place over 70 young innovators in internships roles that can truly help them grow their skills.

The Rookies - Honouring young creative minds from The Rookies on Vimeo.

The official categories for 2016 are: Architecture, Film Making, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Motion Graphics, Gaming, Photography, Robotics, VFX & Animation, Virtual Reality, Web & Mobile. We are proud sponsors in the VR category.

Submissions for 2016 started on March 7th and close on May 29th. All higher education students are more than welcome to apply with some restrictions: "To be eligible to enter you must 18 years or older, and have attended a certified higher educational training facility such as universities, academies, colleges, and institutes of technology, between January 2015 and May 2016". You can go to their website for more information.

Winners will be announced on July 11th, 2016 so hurry up and apply!

That's right, we are proud to be Rookies.

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