Join us on November 7th for Extra Life 2015!

Join us on November 7th for Extra Life 2015!

Team Crytek joins Extra Life 2015 on November 7th.

It’s that time of the year again when the games industry gets together for Extra Life, streaming games being played live for 24 hours straight – all for charity!

Extra Life is a cause to our hearts – we’ll be collecting donations for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, who helped our colleague’s child with essential brain surgery, as our intrepid team of Crytekkers once again embark on a gaming odyssey live on Twitch.

Starting at 10am CET (4am EST/ 1amPST), we’ll be playing live for 24 hours, straight! We’ll have games – and plenty of giveaways – from ourselves and our partners, plus a few other titles chucked into the mix for fun as well.

On our quest to raise money for this excellent cause, we’ll be joined by some of our best friends and partners from around the industry, as we play and discuss their games live. Here are a few highlights from our schedule:

Crysis: 11am CET/ 5am EST/ 2am PST

We managed to find a Crytek employee who has never played our seminal second title, the original Crysis. But instead of sacking him on the spot, we decided to let him experience it first, live. We know the PC can run Crysis, but will how will the player fare?

Arena of Fate – sponsored by Roccat: 3pm CET/ 9am EST/ 6am PST

Watch Crytek Frankfurt take on the Dev Team from Crytek Black Sea- will Roccat’s new Nyth modular gaming mouse help us beat the developers at their own game? Tune it to find out…

Warface – sponsored by Roccat: 4pm CET/ 10am EST/ 7am PST

Our friends at Roccat have been providing awesome prizes for our Warface streams for a while now- what sweet swag will they have up for grabs during Extra Life?

Solarfall Games – Umbra: 7pm CET/ 1pm EST/ 10am PST

Earlier this year, Umbra became one of the most successful French Kickstarter campaigns ever. We chat with founder Daniel Dolui about their amazing year.

Poppermost Productions – SNOW: 8pm CET/ 2pm EST/ 11am PST

We have challenged our long-time friends to a ski-off in their sweet upcoming winter sport game SNOW. They promised us “this will get ugly.” We say: “Bring it on!”

Warhorse Studios – Kingdom Come Deliverance: 9pm CET/ 3pm EST/ 12pm PST

What happens when you combine a team of AAA veterans, our stunning CRYENGINE technology and the desire to make a truly realistic medieval RPG? You get Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and we can’t wait to play more! Tune in and check it out.

Entrada Interactive – Miscreated: 10pm CET/ 4pm EST/ 1pm PST

In this one hour crash course, our friends at Entrada will teach us the basics of survival and base-building in their post-apocalyptic multiplayer survival game. Can Team Crytek last longer than 15 minutes?

We hope that you can help us spread the word about Extra Life and our charity stream, and that you may consider making a donation if you enjoy what you see. We look forward to welcoming you all on November 7th for Extra Life 2015 at Twitch! 

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