Making games: Four tips for driving narrative through environmental art

Making games: Four tips for driving narrative through environmental art

What is environmental narrative and how can you use it to make better games?

Sina Els, Senior 3D Artist at Crytek who has worked on titles like Ryse: Son of Rome and the upcoming VR title, Robinson: The Journey, shared advice about environmental narrative and its use in video games at this year’s Creative Coast Festival in Karlshamm, Sweden.

The Creative Coast Festival is a gathering for the creators of games, music, movies, and sound, as well as digital and post-digital art, and Sina's talk was titled "Environmental Narrative and Its Use in Video Games." 

Though we couldn’t republish all of Sina’s advice, we’ve collected a few of her tips below.


“Story is all about emotion.”


“Give players the time to get into the world…give players the time to soak up the world.”


“A location can be a whole level, or a room. But the more background research is done, the easier it is to create a believable story.”


“Often subtle is better than ‘in your face.’”

For more information about the Creative Coast Festival, visit their website.

Photos Creative Coast Festival (1 & 3) © Sebastian Bulcarca. Image from Ryse: Son of Rome (2) © Crytek.

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