Marketplace Spotlight - Bar Interior

Marketplace Spotlight - Bar Interior

Looking for some warmth at this time of the year or just enjoying the holiday season? We bring you one last sample to ring in the New Year: A brand new interior scene, suitable for your development needs!

Coming from one of our talented Junior Environment Artists, Marika Speck, this scene provides an example of set dressing and interior lighting/design using CRYENGINE V.

This project is available as a reference example for your scenes to use in your game for free! It contains various types of chairs, paintings, lights, and even a mounted deer. Along with the variation of furniture and props you have excellent examples of numerous materials such as glass and physically based textures created using Allegorithmic Substance Designer.

Considering 2016 is coming to an end, we want to inspire you to push the boundaries of your development and show the world what you are made of in 2017! Don't forget to share on Twitter, Facebook and the official forums. As always, questions, comments, feedback - send it right to us and remember to leave a review on the marketplace after trying the assets.

Created and prepared by our content team with love & within CRYENGINE.

Check it out on our Marketplace for free now! 

- Collin&Nic

  • December 16, 2016

Public Issue Tracker now available on GitHub

  • Community
  • January 12, 2017

Winter Wonderlands in CRYENGINE


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  • Crytek guys , thanks a lot

  • Yeah,I think it's a pretty good thing,and it shows that the CryEngine is very useful.

  • I wish I had a room like that. I like how he even put details in the eyes of the deer :) Thanks for the Christmas gift.

  • Awesome work, thanks to Marika Speck.

  • this is very artistic and inspiring, thank you for this

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